Always an opportunity in every challenge, part 1- My MBA experience

I had always been procrastinating doing an MBA till something happened; I was reminded of where I started from and my desire of wanting to be with the big boys.

Also, I genuinely felt somebody was stupidly giving me the opportunity to do what I had always wanted to do – Study more and have a qualification that would prepare me for a bigger board level.

And I knew it was the perfect moment to take that big step thus I had to seize the opportunity and turn the challenges all around into something potentially great.

It was one of the best decisions I have taken in years and it ranked up there (obviously below) with the joy I had when my beautiful daughter was delivered.

The first few questions that came up in my mind were as follows:
1) Can I afford an MBA with a worldwide top 30 school
2) Should i do full-time or part-time
3) How best can I spend the time/freedom that I suddenly have.

Well, the answers to the above were not that straight forward as most of you would expect.

At that time I was working with a techie and successful small company. They offered to pay for my MBA but I felt I will be indebted to them so I rejected the offer and resigned. Did I hear you say “Are you crazy?”, No, I resigned because it was a counter offer.

Obviously, I wouldn’t have resigned without another job in the pipeline. And whilst with my new employer, @WarwickMBA offered me a place on the programme after a rigorous application process.

The next challenge was to figure out a way to pay my school fees, more in part 2.

Why did I choose Warwick? Simply, though it’s not cheap I believe they met 90% of my criteria. They’ve not disappointed thus far.

To be continued…


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