GroupThink and the effect it could have on major decision within an organization. This is one of the clips from my MBA programme @WarwickMBA.

Whilst there are advantages with making joint decisions as a group, we need to be smart enough to identify when it’s becoming destructive. This clip will highlight the importance of not suppressing individuals’ views.

Ways to overcome the effect are as follows

  1. An informal, relaxed atmosphere in the group, which shows that members are involved and interested.
  2. Full participation by all members in the discussion, which remains focused upon the task.
  3. Acceptance of the group objective by all.
  4. Members listen to each other and are not afraid to make creative suggestions.
  5. Disagreements are fully discussed and either resolved or lived with.
  6. Most decisions are reached by consensus.
  7. Criticism is frank and frequent, without degenerating into personal attacks.
  8. Group members are free to express their feelings about the way the group is functioning.
  9. Actions are clearly assigned to group members and are carried out by them.
  10. Leadership within the group shifts occasionally and tends to be based on expertise rather than formal status or position.
  11. The group is self-conscious about its own operation and regularly reviews the way it goes about its business.

Reference: Organization behaviour module, Warwick MBA.

Always an opportunity in every challenge, part 1- My MBA experience

I had always been procrastinating doing an MBA till something happened; I was reminded of where I started from and my desire of wanting to be with the big boys.

Also, I genuinely felt somebody was stupidly giving me the opportunity to do what I had always wanted to do – Study more and have a qualification that would prepare me for a bigger board level.

And I knew it was the perfect moment to take that big step thus I had to seize the opportunity and turn the challenges all around into something potentially great.

It was one of the best decisions I have taken in years and it ranked up there (obviously below) with the joy I had when my beautiful daughter was delivered.

The first few questions that came up in my mind were as follows:
1) Can I afford an MBA with a worldwide top 30 school
2) Should i do full-time or part-time
3) How best can I spend the time/freedom that I suddenly have.

Well, the answers to the above were not that straight forward as most of you would expect.

At that time I was working with a techie and successful small company. They offered to pay for my MBA but I felt I will be indebted to them so I rejected the offer and resigned. Did I hear you say “Are you crazy?”, No, I resigned because it was a counter offer.

Obviously, I wouldn’t have resigned without another job in the pipeline. And whilst with my new employer, @WarwickMBA offered me a place on the programme after a rigorous application process.

The next challenge was to figure out a way to pay my school fees, more in part 2.

Why did I choose Warwick? Simply, though it’s not cheap I believe they met 90% of my criteria. They’ve not disappointed thus far.

To be continued…

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